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(Sandwich only)
Hamburger 4.80                         Hot Dog 3.00                 
Double Hamburger 6.00                 Chicken  5.25
Cheeseburger 5.10                      Grilled Ham & Cheese 5.25
Double Cheeseburger 6.40              Fish  5.50
Grilled Cheese 2.25                      BBQ Beef 4.50
                                BLT 4.80

Light Sandwiches
(Sandwich Only)

Grilled Chi
cken Breast on a Bun 4.50
Cold Turkey Sandwich (served on white or wheat bread) 4.50
Tuna Salad Sandwich (served on white or wheat bread) 4.50


Sausage or Bacon with Two Eggs 5.25
Sausage or Bacon with One Egg 4.75
Ham with One Egg 5.25
Ham with Two Eggs 5.75
*Served with Hash Brown Patty or Grits and Two Biscuits or Two Slices of Toast

Pancakes, Stack (3) 3.50               Short Stack (2) 2.75
Bacon or Sausage (2) 2.25            Ham 3.00
Eggs (1) .75 (2) 1.25                       Grits 1.75
Hash Brown Patty 1.25                  Toast (2) 1.25
Biscuits (2) 2.75                              Oatmeal 2.25
Dry Cereal 2.00                               Sweet Roll (hot) 1.75
*Cheese add .50


(All seafood dinners are served
with choice of mashed potatoes, french fries, or baked potato, hushpuppies, and one trip to the salad bar)

Trout (Butterflied, boneless 8oz served grilled or fried) 12.75
Catfish (Farm-raised, fillets served grilled or fried) 10.00
Shrimp (6 butterflied pieces, deep-fried) 10.25
Popcorn Shrimp (21-25 small shrimp) 9.00
Clam Strips (6 oz served breaded and deep-fried) 8.00

Our broasted chicken is breaded in our special coating and pressure fried to taste like pan f
ried chicken

Two pieces (Breast & Wing or Leg & Thigh) 7.00
Three Pieces (Breast, Leg, & Thigh) 7.50
Five Wings 6.75

These dinners are served with choice of mashed potatoes, french f
ries, or baked potato, a roll, and a side or trip to the salad bar

Strips 6.75
Chicken Fried Steak (served with white gravy or brown) 7.00
Hamburger Steak (Served with Grilled Onions & Brown Gravy) 7.75
Grilled Pork Chops  (2-4 oz Center Cut) 8.25


Cream of Broccoli 3.25
Tomato 3.25
Vegetable 3.25


French Fries
Corn on the Cob 1.75
Fried Okra 3.00
Cole Slaw 1.50
Cottage Cheese 1.60
Brown Beans 1.75

On The Light Side

Grilled Chi
cken Breast (served with baked potato & salad bar) 7.25
Baked Potato & Salad Bar 5.50
Tuna Salad 5.75
All You Can Eat Salad Bar 7.25
One Trip to the Salad Bar 4.25


Cream Cheese Poppers 4.75
Cheddar Cheese Poppers 4.75
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks 4.75
Breaded Mushrooms 4.75
Beer Battered Jalapeno  Bottle Caps 4.75
Fried Pickle Spear 4.75
Sampler Platter Combo 8.75
Chips and Salsa 3.00

Children's Menu

Hot Dog (Served with French Fries) 3.50
Corn Dog (Served with Fries) 3.50
Grilled Cheese (Served with Fries) 2.75
Two Chicken Legs (Served with French Fries, Pudding or Jello, & a dinner roll) 4.75
Chicken Strips (Served with French Fries, Pudding or Jello, & a dinner roll) 4.75
Catfish ( Served with French Fries, Hushpuppies, Pudding or Jello) 5.00


Home Baked Cobbler (Apple, Peach, & Blackberry) 3.75
*with ice cream add .75
Pecan Pie 3.50
Lemon Ice Box Pie 3.00
Peanut Butter Pie 3.00
Strawberry Rhubarb 3.00
Coconut Cream Pie 3.00
White Chocolate Cheesecake 3.00

Chocolate Pie 3.00

Two scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice cream 1.50